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Jul 27 2009, 12:00 PM
Well I just saw that Nick Stabile's isn't someone already established on DAYS. Instead of playing Shawn, who I was hoping he was going to be playing, he's playing someone named Dean Hartman. I'm not one of those complainers that bitches when the show creates new characters. I think new characters are a good thing. However, I just get the feeling that this new character is going to be nothing but a Vin Ramsel, a Maya, a Chaz, an Ava Vitale, a Martino Vitale, a Trent Robbins, an Owen, etc. He's just going to a villain that will disappear when he's done serving his purpose and wreaking havoc on the show. *SIGH*

I knew they were going to go there with Philip and Melanie.
Am I the only person who thought "who?" to 99% of this list?

I'm strangely okay with philanie sex, despite not liking the age difference. Maybe because Melanie is the most likable, available person available for Philip at this point, with Stephanie back in her annoying mode again. As long as she's going into it with her eyes open, it should be okay. They do have chemistry.
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