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Jul 27 2009, 02:32 PM
Jul 27 2009, 02:28 PM
Molly Burnett: Itís chaos downstairs on the days where all of us are on set. Casey, Mark, Taylor, (Sprietler, Mia McKormick), Dylan (Patton, Will Horton) - we're all running around yelling and playing video games and "hallway bowling." It's pretty epic!
Casey Deidrick: Usually within the first 10 minutes of getting on set, the hallways turn into a mosh pit. I don't like to step out much, until Iím about to tape because itís my room of Zen, but occasionally Iíll sneak a few kisses! We'll run lines in each others rooms too.
WTF? It sounds like the Days studio has been turned into some sort of college dorm, LoL.
Maybe but at least there is an energy and people having fun.

I remember we used to hear stories all the time in the 90's about all the antics Drake, Bryan, Ali, etc were getting into.

How cute that they are dating. This was a nice interview. They do looks like they would have a nice chemistry onscreen and they really should've casted him as someone else because like Molly he looks and plays too old to be in scenes with Will and Mia just like Melanie. I would move him out of their orbit and into Melanie's and go from there but with them going out in real life now maybe that is too much.

I like how so much focus is placed on Molly hanging out with younger cast in real life but many in this thread seemed to ignore the fact that she also mentioned going to a dinner party hosted by Nadia Bjorlin LOL. I've also read her say she's hung out with Darin, Rachel, Shelley, Jay, Eric, and Felisha outside of work too so she isn't just staying in one age range as far as who she socially engages with LOL.

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