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Jul 27 2009, 02:57 PM
Melanie should be in with the teens, but I do think it would be odd to suddenly do it now. Chad would probably still be ok, but I don't see her hanging around Mia or Will.
I think the way the character's been from day one makes it hard to put her in with the teens. Everything she went through with Trent and then interacting primarily with Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, and Max to start out and then the whole business angle/Philip/Stephanie stuff...and now interacting with Brady, Arianna, and Maggie...I just think it would make little sense for the character IMO. Plus, she's 18. She's legal. Will and Mia are both 16. I just don't see Melanie even wanting to hang out with them.

I can't see Deidrick being in the story he is in either. Chad looks too old for Mia and he makes Will look like he is 10 LOL. They botched that casting IMO. Deidrick should've been casted as someone else and Chad should look more like Will and Mia's age.
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