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Jul 27 2009, 03:00 PM
Jul 27 2009, 02:57 PM
Melanie should be in with the teens, but I do think it would be odd to suddenly do it now. Chad would probably still be ok, but I don't see her hanging around Mia or Will.
I think the way the character's been from day one makes it hard to put her in with the teens. Everything she went through with Trent and then interacting primarily with Nick, Chelsea, Stephanie, and Max to start out and then the whole business angle/Philip/Stephanie stuff...and now interacting with Brady, Arianna, and Maggie...I just think it would make little sense for the character IMO. Plus, she's 18. She's legal. Will and Mia are both 16. I just don't see Melanie even wanting to hang out with them.

I can't see Deidrick being in the story he is in either. Chad looks too old for Mia and he makes Will look like he is 10 LOL. They botched that casting IMO. Deidrick should've been casted as someone else and Chad should look more like Will and Mia's age.
Yea, cause Max and Chelsea were just oh so mature! And I actually was on record with being upset when they made her younger then 18 when she was Nick's love interest so no way I'm gonna accept her as Philip or God forbid Brady's.

The show is random as it is and there would be no problems with fitting her in with the teen set. Melanie does not act "mature" when she whines to Brady that nobody understands her, her big job is some sort of candy stripper thing (and the uniform looks ridiculous), and then you have her "playing" by having strip poker with the older characters of Brady, Nathan and Ari. The latter clearly was not a means to pull her up but to bring them down TO HER JUVENILE LEVEL. It's like how they wrote in for Daniel to be a surfer so he could seem younger and be in Chelsea's orbit.

And having Melanie NOT want to hang out with younger characters actually could be fun to write it in. Give her community service for all the crap she does along with Chad who doesn't want to do it. Do gooder Will could be in charge of leading the group which would annoy Melanie for taking orders from a guy like him. Mia could join in somehow because she hangs out with Will and there you have their interaction.

Or like I said before, Melanie gets fired at the hospital because she's useless (and lazy, etc.) so she has to take a job at the Java Cafe putting her around Mia. Let Mia look "up" to Melanie which will worry Will who does see her as a trouble maker. Then you have Melanie realizing she actually has a friend and be torn to use her for her own means. Then she winds up sleeping with Chad which upsets Mia in some way and that puts strain on the friendship. This could come right when Mia inevitably finds out what happened to her child.

I just don't see why some view this like it's outrageous to even attempt. We've watched the show force Chan down our throats by making Chelsea an occupational therapist, we've seen random elevator sex between characters who HARDLY KNOW EACH OTHER. We had retconned grandma sex. We've seen Daniel and Chloe become attracted by the Breast porn exam. We've seen Melanie go from Nick to Philip to EJ (eek, remember that?) to Brady back to Nathan to Philip. They have her having quality family time with a woman who by all rights should throw Melanie out on her ass, but instead sees the "daughter" she never had. The show is full of contrived situations, many more forced then the simple option of letting a character hang out with characters HER OWN AGE.
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