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Kate was great and Dan was alright but I kept getting distracted by Brady's tight jeans. It makes sense to have Brady talking to Chloe but I dont get the sense that they were ever married.

Nicole needs to cut Sami's name out of her vocabulary. All she's accomplishing is drilling Sami deeper into EJ's brain, poor guy cant even get a good nights sleep.

EJole and Safe are snooze town.

I dont think I've ever been so all over the place with the character of Stehpanie and the actress. Some scenes I think she's great and others she falls flat. Some days I really like Stephanie and other days I can't stand to see her. Last week I liked her hair, now I hate it.

Thanks for sharing that SR has myasthenia gravis. I've never thought there was anything wrong with her face and she's a great cryer. I think SZ and LK have great skin and most likely have had something done. I usually dont like cosmetic alterations but in their cases it works with the exception of LK's lip injections. I've noticed for quite some time SZ had limited range in her neck but assumed is was some sort of injury or fusion.
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