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Jul 27 2009, 04:45 PM
That blog was right again.
I knew someone would bring this up. The blog you're referring to has gotten about one-and-a-half things correct. She said a "supercouple was leaving", and it was that Thaao was fired and Leann was taken off recurring. And, she got this right.

In between those things, she has posted slurs about the sexual orientation of some of the administrators of this board; she's posted blatantly incorrect items about other fans, which it's clear she didn't bother to research at all; she's made hateful posts about certain fanbases; and she's reposted items from this and other boards without giving any credit.

We were particularly gratified here when, after the blog you're referring to posted this, we saw many posts on other boards saying that since they hadn't seen this item at the DR or certain other sites, they weren't sure it was reliable. We aim to provide everyone with reliable information as quickly as possible. If that means skipping a "scoop" from a site like the one I've just described, then we're very comfortable with that.

This really isn't unlike the whole TMZ debate that went on after Michael Jackson's death. They got a very big scoop, and they got it right. However, that scoop belongs to a gossipy site which, in between poorly-researched celebrity tidbits, might have some accurate information.

I hope this clears up the issue.

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