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I never noticed SR's neck before, I just noticed that her forehead doesn't move and assumed she had the Botox. Pretty cool that Mickey got fired so Maggie could keep her insurance. Thanks for all the info.

And I agree that Nicole should stop talking about Sami. If it weren't for Nicole mentioning her, I doubt EJ would ever think of her now...except to plot his revenge. Whatever. They storyline is so damn stale and stupid right now. Safe too.

ANd too funny that the stupid Kate story has ramped up to be my favorite. I love me some SC, and loved that he has Kate's number, and Kate's tears about Chloe was awesome! I can't wait til this is all found out, and I just love the idea of Lucas being blamed for it and it backfiring on Kate. I hope they go that route.
Weird that Maggie is admitting to everyone that telling Lucas the truth was a terrible mistake. Why does everyone want to lie to that boy?

Stephanie forgot to tell Philip that she was a total despicable bitch to Melanie after chewing her a new one. I wish those two would just call it quits...which is also odd as I was totally rooting for them once.

Too funny about EM's tight ass jeans. Usually it is JS with the tight jeans. Is that the new fad coming up?
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