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I expect Sabatino back. Hell, he worked on Passions and Sunset with Tomlin and the Alamain's are the kind of family Tomlin loves having around. Plus, with CC and LS returning, it's inevitable IMO. SOD probably jumped the gun and wasn't supposed to post the Sabatino stuff yet.

I hope they decide to bring on Nicholas too. There is great potential there.

Oh, and since we are on the topic of possible returns, I just read at SON that a poster on SOC is claiming that Days may bring J&J back with Ashford as Jack. Don't know if I buy that one, especially since it said Corday was the one with the idea and Tomlin seems more in control these days but stranger things have happened and didn't someone post awhile back in the rumors thread here on DR that Days wanted to rebuild the Horton's and bring J&J back? Things are getting interesting LOL.
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