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I loved this episode, with the exception of the Meridith/Sami stuff. Days has remembered it has vets and they were out in full force today. I can't remember the last time we saw Bope, Abe, Lexie, Kate, Victor and Roman all in the same show. Kate and Victor's scenes were great, plus there were no safe scenes. Also, it was nice that the writers remembered that Kate tried to kill Sami. That's such a little thing, but it's been lacking for so long that the bare minimum has become praise-worthy. Maybe that was the show's plan? lol

They need to move Rafe's story along and get it over with, because it's just not working. Is there anyone but the newest soap viewer who really believes Rafe set out to harm Emily? The return of the police station makes me wonder why Rafe isn't there, in the logical place for him to be. I know we got the random scene of him working construction in the middle of the night, but if that was a hint that there was more to that job, they should have followed up on it by now with some answers or more hints. Rafe really is Luis, and Luis wasn't as boring a character because at least he had something to do besides play house with Sheridan. It's obvious that at least up until recently, TPTB had no idea who or what this guy was going to be. They screwed up by not keeping the initial interest in his past up in the first place, and really don't have the luxury of taking their time with this mess.
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