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Jul 28 2009, 02:21 PM
Jul 28 2009, 01:56 PM
Yeah Bo mentioning what Kate did to Sami caught me off guard too because I always wondered if that information ever went beyond Roman (who basically never got the actual truth from Kate but seemed to figure it out anyway). That plot point was basically dropped and it always bothered me because Roman and Marlena still were friends with Kate for awhile (Roman still is and was in love with her) and I hated that because of what Kate did to their daughter, which got swept under the rug back then.

Then again, people in Salem seem to forget Kate's role in the coronation massacre in 2001 too so there you go LOL.
This is why I've never really liked Kate. I've always been the first to say that soap characters need to move on quickly and not hold grudges, or else no one in town will have anyone else to talk to, but Kate has never gotten shunned to the level that she should because her schemes get glossed over. Her only consequence is that Lucas disowns her for a few weeks, then everything is back to normal. Which reminds me of another good line from today. Daniel - "Kate's weird about Lucas." Thank you, Daniel. How is no one else in Salem disturbed by the creepy way Kate acts about Lucas to the exclusion of her other kids?
I agree. One of the things I liked about 2001 was how they made Kate take a hard fall and have to build herself back up again. She needs that again but, sadly, we will never see all of her crimes truly exposed as they should. I mean, one of her most infamous was reduced to a single line by Bo today and I never even knew anyone outside of maybe Roman, Lucas, and Sami who knew of what she did to set Sami up. I still remember her being exposed by Sami in 2005 and while it was ok, all that was exposed was her role in putting Sami and Brandon in bed together for Lucas to see. They didn't even expose the rest of her crimes that year, much less her crimes over time.

They isolate her too much too. She barely gets to interact with anyone other then Victor, her children, and anyone her children are dating. That has been the case for years now. The only time she interacted with others was when she became involved with Roman and John and then after that she was relegated back to the same stuff most of the time.

Hopefully, with the upcoming returns, we will see something new with her because I don't think they can go much further with her in the Lucas/Chloe/Daniel stuff.
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