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Kate and Victor were all kinds of awesome today...loved all of their lines, and Vic's little enjoyment of it all. Still loving me some Dr. Dan too, and while I am the first to comment about KA's skeletor look, etc. I must say that she has been looking beautiful lately with her eyes and her shirt. I love that Bope aren't sold on Dr. Dan poisoning Chloe....I usually hate them in cop mode.

Today's show just had me laughing for some reason...with the exception of Sami/Meredeth. I could give a shit about why Meredeth is crying, and if Rafe was involved. And yea, luv, Sami using Grace's death to get info from Mer is just tacky. That's your newly dead daughter...show some respect and mind your business. If you don't trust Rafe that much then don't invite him to live with you, ya idiot!

Good show today...LK is rocking all of this, and watching all of the vets, and knowing that some other vets are returning, I think the newbies will be swallowed by all of the talent coming up. I'm so excited!
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