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It's not just that Maggie knew about the affair, though. It's that she knew, she made the decision to tell him so he could make up his own mind about whether he wanted to still be with Chloe or not, and then she retracted that decision once he conveniently didn't remember. I could see him asking her why she thought he deserved to know before and then later, she didn't, even allowing him to marry a woman who was apparently in love with someone else. I don't think Lucas is going to feel all that terrific when he hears that Chloe married him because she thought God would kill him if she didn't.

In a way, this reminds me of how I expected huge fallout from the reveal of the Phelle affair, because I expected Shawn to be humiliated that his own mother didn't tell him but had no problem telling his aunt Kayla. Lucas will be embarassed that his mother and aunt knew and didn't tell him; he has to wonder whether the whole town is laughing at him for being the proverbial husband who's the last to know. Of course, Nicole knows also so there's another person. And those people all knew and could have told him well before Chloe's coma, even if Daniel really had been the one to poison her. Not that there is any reason to think Nicole would have told him, but Maggie and his mom? Absolutely.
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