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This week's SOD features interviews with Galen Gering and Ali Sweeney.

Meredith leaves town, but first she writes a letter to Sami in which she says Rafe is responsible for Emily's death. Meredith says that Emily had information about Rafe that could ruin his career at the FBI, and then Emily and Rafe had a fight, and then Emily died. Gering and Sweeney both explain that the evidence is only circumstantial, but as Sweeney says, "It's certainly enough for Sami to ask Rafe a lot more questions."

Rafe gets very angry at Sami, because she'd promised she wouldn't bring this up again. However, Sami tells Rafe that she hadn't expected to receive this letter. Sami and Rafe continue arguing, then he gets angry and leaves. Sweeney explains that Sami "doesn't think [Rafe] murdered Emily. She doesn't understand why he's keeping secrets from her, and it hurts that he can't open up to her."

Gering explains that Rafe understands that Sami wants to ask questions about this, but "he can't talk to her about it". So, as Gering says, "because of the fact that he can't tell her all this stuff, he has to leave her." Gering continues that if Rafe were to answer Sami's questions, "it could possibly jeopardize his well being and also hers." Rafe sees that Sami has been through so much pain, and he doesn't want to add to it. "So, in his mind, there is no choice but to walk away."

SOD concludes by asking Gering if this means that Rafe does have more to hide. Gering responds, "Yes, but that doesn't necessarily mean he's a bad guy. It's complicated."

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