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This week's SOD and SOW each feature an interview with Lauren Koslow.

This week, Victor, Lucas and Daniel all confront Kate about her plot to kill Chloe. Lauren Koslow laughs and tells SOW, "Everyone's questioning her about it. Can you believe it?"

First, Victor questions Kate. He quickly figures out what she's done, and as Koslow says, "He's ok with it, until he finds out Kate framed Daniel. He wants Kate to fix that part." But Kate tells Victor that that can't be undone. Victor asks Kate to leave his house, but then Kate points out that if Victor punishes her, he'll also be punishing Philip. So, Victor tells Kate she can stay.

Then Kate goes to see Chloe, and, as SOW puts it, Kate "chastises her for ruining things with Daniel". Koslow tells SOW that "Kate feels betrayed", because when Kate ended things with Daniel, Kate expected Daniel to come back and tell her they still had to be together. Koslow says that now, Kate "wonders what might have been", and that "something is still lingering there."

Lucas then confronts Kate; he's been warned by Daniel that Kate poisoned Chloe. Kate is "truly devastated" to hear Lucas accuse her, Koslow says, and Kate asks Lucas how he could even think that about her. Lucas believes Kate and takes her word over Daniel's.

Next, Hope questions Kate concerning Chloe's illness. Kate tells Hope how much she loves Chloe and how much she's done for Lucas. Koslow points out that in addition to this, Kate has set everything up "beautifully" so that all of the evidence points to Daniel.

Kate goes to visit Daniel in jail. He's sleeping, but SOW says she has a "steamy fantasy" about him. Koslow says, "Kate's out to destroy this man. Now she's fantasizing about having sex with him. That is rather disturbing."

Daniel wakes up, and he and Kate have a discussion. Koslow says that Kate doesn't admit anything, and instead Kate asks Daniel how he could be so "pathetic" as to accuse her after what he's done. SOD says that Daniel gets angry with Kate and grabs her. Kate is attracted to him; Koslow says that this is Daniel's "darker, shadowy side", which makes things "complex and mysterious". Koslow tells SOD, "It's emotional and kind of violent. Their relationship might have been a little kinky."

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