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Jul 29 2009, 10:40 AM
Seriously? If I went into a marriage unaware that my fiance was boinking someone else, was still in love with that someone else but was "sacrificing" out of some perceived obligation to me, remained physically faithful but emotionally cheating throughout the entirety of our marriage, and my mother and aunt knew about it - I'd be pretty ragingly pissed too.

And when Lucas "cheated" with the woman he was forced to divorce while she was forcibly married to a her you-know-what .... well, really? I just don't think that is quite the same thing.
Yeah..seriously.Chloe has not slept with Dan since she married Lucas,,she is in LOVE with Dan,but she loves Lucas to,but in a way that does not warrant marriage..yet she stood by Lucas.ANd yet,,Kate KNEW for months and months and did not tell her son..but AGAIN..he will forgive Kate WAYY before he does anyone else,,its sickening..as for how the marriage of Ej and Sami came about,,how the hell does that even matter??If you think those vows mean anything,Lucas broke them..no matter how it came about.He is noone to judge anyone either..he came from an affair with Bill and Kate..judging,he needs not to do!
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