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I don't mind this only because it's not like Kate ever has fantasized or wanted something steamy and passionate (Nicholas!). The whole Daniel/Kate angle wasn't played much at all until the last two weeks and one scene on the pier in May between Kate and Daniel so, to me, seeing it all come back to prominence like this so suddenly screams insta-redemption for Kate. I don't mind it because I want Lauren to stay on as Kate, especially with the upcoming returns, but I wish they had given us a little more scenes focusing on the Daniel/Kate aspect because that is why I was able to except Kate going this far. Daniel kept her going during her cancer treatment and Chloe saved her. She went out of her way to praise both of them and she changed herself and they both betrayed her and hurt her son. That's a double whammy and I think that is why Kate dropped the plan at first. Not so much much because Philip had been shot but she still had feelings for Daniel and wanted to give him one more chance to prove he is the man she thought he was and that he would stay away from Chloe. He didn't and she went forward.

That breakup scene with Kate and Daniel did have a feeling of Kate not wanting to do it but feeling as though it was best at the time for her and for Daniel. Daniel seemed distracted and Kate had no sex drive and felt that her cancer could return at any moment so she cut him loose. As I said, I just wish the element was played more because it was there and was implied at times thanks to the actor's performances and one scene where they actually came out and mentioned it. Now, it's become a major plot point again as it should be. I guess this is no surprise though because if there is one story on this show that has changed gears and not had all the beats played, it's this one. It's entertaining now but it the pacing and execution were not up to par. It started out over the top, got better around February, and then just started to drag around summer. The biggest thing was not involving Lucas enough. Why have scenes of him in May beginning to remember the night of the explosion when that aspect never really came into play? You could tell this story was revised alot in the beginning and now alot in the end. Too sloppy. I'm happy where it's at right now in the past two weeks so if it entertains me with the climax to all this and leads the characters in better directions, I'm happy.
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