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Jul 29 2009, 11:43 AM
Well, I'm glad they're pulling Kate out of the black and white cackling evil queen mode and giving her true character motivation- no matter how disturing. I see a visit to Bayview in her future.
I agree. The motivation has always been there. It's just they haven't provided us with enough scenes to focus on it other then scenes of her upset about Lucas being hurt. This is personal. Daniel and Chloe not only hurt Lucas but they played Kate for a fool. She feels humiliated. It isn't so much about a man but a man that helped her through a tough time. A man she bonded with and grew close to. She opened her heart again and nearly lost her granddaughter because of it. Then, he goes in and has an affair behind her and her son's back with her son's wife and the woman who saved her life. That's pretty bad and if you consider in what a vulnerable place Kate was having come off the cancer treatment and not really wanting to let go of Daniel but feeling it was best at the time, it makes sense to react the way she did. She just got caught up in all the hurt and pain she was feeling personally for herself and for Lucas. That is why I think she resorted to all this. It's not about Lucas that much this time. She's using Lucas to cover up the fact that this is more about her this time. If she wasn't involved with Daniel, you would never seen her resort to murder. She would just set out to hurt Chloe and Daniel. The fact that they both betrayed her too is what drove her over the edge.

I would rather they make this stick then saying she did it due to the cancer treatment drugs or something. Not sure if she will actually get sent to a sanitarium because I can see her coming forward before it's too late since they are bringing up her feelings for Daniel or she may make a deal with Victor to get him to help her get herself off if she admits the truth.
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