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Despite Fish's attempt to steer clear of Kyle, they end up in a kiss this week and someone sees the lip lock!

Fish is the one to seek out Kyle, basically to tell him to leave him alone. Fish doesn't want his past history to be a part of his present or future. Fish pulls him out of the Buenos Dias Café, and they're talking and talking and suddenly it just sort of happens. "It catches him off guard, and then they get caught," admits Scott Evans.

Fish's reaction is completely genuine. For a second Fish gets caught up in the kiss but immediately after they're caught he's back to convincing himself that "No, I don't have feelings for him or anything. He tries his damnedest to figure himself out, but I don't think he even knows what he is. It's a very big struggle for him," explains Evans.

Although they were romantically involved in college, Fish believes that was just a phase he went through but seeing Kyle again brings up all these past emotions and struggles, and all these things he put away. Now that those feelings are starting to resurface, it couldn't have come at a worse time. Especially given who the person is that caught them and what he/she could do with the information.
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