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The current regime at Days has done a lot of things wrong but nothing is worse than the way they have destroyed the character of Kate. I don't even recognize her anymore. It's bad enough that she's psychotic but now she's being portrayed as being hung up on Daniel. The real Kate would never have any lingering feelings for him after she found out about him and Chloe.

A couple of other points. Why is Kate living at the Kiriakis mansion? It made sense for her to stay there when she was recovering from her chemotherapy but she's been fully recovered for months. She has plenty of money and can afford a nice place of her own. She has always been an independent woman and it's ridiculous for her to be staying at Victor's.

Also, where in the heck is Roman in all of this? Kate and Roman have always had a unique relationship in that he brought out her good side and he always had a soft spot for her despite her sins. But they have had about twenty seconds of screen time together over the last year. Even if the writers don't want to reunite them they should still have them interact. After all, Roman is a cop and it would be interesting to see him involved in the investigation of Chloe's poisoning. it would be a chance to bring some of Kate's history into this crappy storyline.
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