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Jul 29 2009, 01:15 PM
Jul 29 2009, 11:44 AM
That breakup scene with Kate and Daniel did have a feeling of Kate not wanting to do it but feeling as though it was best at the time for her and for Daniel. Daniel seemed distracted and Kate had no sex drive and felt that her cancer could return at any moment so she cut him loose. As I said, I just wish the element was played more because it was there and was implied at times thanks to the actor's performances and one scene where they actually came out and mentioned it. Now, it's become a major plot point again as it should be.
The break-up came out of nowhere but eventually made sense when it was fully explained by Kate. By the time she was ready to get back together with Daniel (10 seconds after she found out she was in remission), he'd already slept with Chloe. In fact, Daniel had sex with Chloe the morning after Kate broke up with him, so there you go. Less than 24 hours and he was riding someone else. I felt bad for Kate, and I can understand why finding that out would hurt... even if she was the dumper and not the dumpee. When someone moves on THAT fast after such an intense relationship... it hurts. So, yes, I can understand why she'd feel like there was no closure to that relationship.

HOWEVER, I don't see why Kate would still be sexually invested in Daniel. Emotionally attached? Yeah, I could accept that considering how involved he was in making sure she survived... but still sexually invested? HELL NO. Forget all the icky things she's done in the past... the nasty sight of Daniel macking on Chelsea made Kate pass right the fuck out. The thought of him banging Chloe while Lucas sat at home shouldn't be any different. How could she still look at him and be attracted? ESPECIALLY after Daniel arrogantly stated to Kate that he didn't give a damn about how his affair with Chloe was going to affect Lucas. Kate's never been attracted to a man who's hurt her family to the degree Daniel has... and I'm sorry, it IS out of character for her to be going after Chloe this intently because of a lingering attraction to "her" man. To me, it's just more proof that the writers have an obessesion with Daniel. It's bullshit, actually. Thank God LK is as good of an actress as she is... because this material has totally ruined Kate.
I get what your saying but I think your missing the fact that it's not just about the feelings she still has for Daniel. It's about being made to look like a fool. She went out of her way to praise both Chloe and Daniel. She accepted Chloe. She opened her heart to Daniel and put her relationship with Chelsea on the line to be with him. Then they both stabbed her and her son in the back. Add in the history she already had with breaking Philip's heart and how vulnerable Kate was coming off of cancer treatment and it's recipe for her going over the edge. Kate is not one who likes being made a fool of and she's also hurt. Just because Daniel did something with Chloe does not mean the feelings go away either. She went through some heavy stuff with Daniel. Let's remember Kate has slept with and had feelings for two men her daughter, Billie, dated (Nicholas, Roman) and had no problem going after Daniel when her own granddaughter was with him. Kate's a screwed up character, The whole Roberts family is screwed up. It's not unrealistic for her to still have feelings for Daniel and be attracted to him despite everything. I don't see it as her longing for him or necessarily wanting to be with him again. She just still has feelings for him and deep down I think she cares about him. She's made her own mistakes, especially with infidelity as Victor noted today. I think it's just the emotions and pain that is driving her and I think sooner or later she will realize she just lost control of things because of her vengeful acts, just like she did after what happened in 2001.

The character of Kate has had poor writing for her for eons. Her crimes are consistently slept under the rug and most times all she ever does is interfere in Lucas' life. At least this regime seems to stick with a consistent direction and at least gives her some motivation beyond just doing things for her son. This is personal for her. To me, this is no worse then 2000-2001 when Kate went completely nuts and turned on Victor and helped orchestrate the coronation massacre. She came back from that and she will most likely come back from this.
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