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Jul 29 2009, 03:39 PM
So what they are doing now, instead of making Kate poisoning Chloe and framing Daniel be about her beloved Lucas' cuckolding, it's actually about Kate having the hots for Daniel? Um, sorry, cannot agree with those that say this is to give Kate further motivations or help redeem her (how does it redeem her? Doesn't it make it even worse that she would be doing this because of jealousy and ignoring what it's doing to her SON?) I think this just says they think we're right on the message boards, we've been sayng it makes no sense for Kate to "protect" her son from finding out about the affair so she decides to slowly poison his wife instead. So now it's not about that anymore, it's about Kate having fantasies on her ex boyfriend and is jealous! TOTALLY DIFFERENT!
I'm neither a Kate nor an LK fan so I don't care that much about whether what she does is in character or not, but I agree totally that Kate being hot for Daniel in no way makes sense as a redemption tool. How in the world would trying to kill her son's wife while simultaneously exposing the woman's affair to the world be excused away by saying, oh well, it all makes perfect sense because after all, she wanted Daniel. To me, as you say, it actually makes her look worse. I don't mind the idea that this is partly about Kate's ego, because she's certainly no saint. But I cut her more slack if her primary motivation is to protect Lucas, with whom she already has a warped relationship, than if it's because she's the woman scorned trying to kill her rival. If Chloe wasn't married to her favorite son, fine, I wouldn't think it was so appalling. But the other woman IS married to her favorite son, and he does (supposedly) adore her, and learning about the affair is only going to be part of the heartbreak. I don't see how this redeems her at all, it just makes the whole thing look more sick.
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