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Jul 29 2009, 12:37 PM
I must have gotten old and crotchety somewhere along the way because I remember when Jennifer's virginity was an issue for her and Glenn and then her and Frankie and I was at least mildly interested in that storyline 20+ years ago. But, this whole thing just makes me giggle. Of course, the fact that I find none of the teens to be particularly decent actors or remotely compelling characters probably doesn't help matters much.
They devoted about 10-15 minutes in one episode to a talk between Alice and Jennifer about the first time and how special it could be. That was one of the best scenes in a long time back then, simply because of Alice's involvement.

I happen to think Will and Mia have cha-razz-ma. They're not the best couple Days has seen in ages, but I've seen much worse. :)
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