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Jul 30 2009, 01:32 PM
Jul 30 2009, 01:24 PM
Jul 30 2009, 01:14 PM
I see Sabatino's return being short-term, just to explain Carly's return. I could see Sorel's return being short-term as well.
I think he is short term too. I really donīt see how they can use him for the triangle and we already have two villain families in Salem with mostly nothing to do.
I think it depends on if Joe Mascolo is leaving. His contract is up in August, although I think we would've heard something by now and Joe said he would stay as long as he continues to be used properly.

I do have a feeling this is short-term or recurring though. I mean, I think the Alamain's are right up Tomlin's alley but I just don't see the show wanting to keep adding more and more people like this. I do think Sorel is long-term though because with the way Kate and Victor have been used and with Carly returning, I can see potential there. Plus, I doubt Sorel would return short-term after the way things ended up when she left Days. She was upset with what had happened in her final years on the show so I think they had to go he extra mile in getting her back. Then again, with Tomlin steering the ship and not Corday right now, maybe that was incentive enough.
Well, CC says "Michael will indded pop up in Salem" That doesnīt sound like a major role.

But whatīs more interesting, she already seems to have some knowledge about her initial storyline. She says "no love interest for Carly for a long time." And "Carly 2.0 is not Bo/Carly redux. Not what people would expect. I like it though!"

And there are also some hints about Daniel and her being a classic soap doctor.

I think it will be very slow start.

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