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Jul 30 2009, 04:56 PM
Jul 30 2009, 04:30 PM
It was whitewashed, but not completely inaccurate. She was going to sell her on the black market, but near the end she kind of freaked out and decided that instead she'd runaway with her and raise her herself. That was after she had kidnapped her and find a buyer, though.
Wasn't the reason she freaked out that John and Kristen were posing as the buyers and she found that out? I thought she didn't go through with the black market scheme because of them.

I still find it misleading either way, both to Rafe and to the viewers. I can understand the idea that Sami rationalizes and justifies everything she does to herself, but in scenes like that it's problematic when there's nobody to say "wait a minute, that's not quite how it happened." Since I don't expect anyone to fill Rafe in on the correct, complete details of Sami's heinous past, that kind of misleading recap bugs me. It makes me think that I, the viewer, am either supposed to accept the retcon if I remember the past, or if I don't know the past I assume from what I heard that Sami had this plan to kidnap her baby sister but her conscience wouldn't let her go through with it. Again, not exactly the way it unfolded and since it makes Sami look better, I have to assume they wrote it that way on purpose.
I'm pretty sure not. Here's the clip. It goes from this (Sami talking about raising Belle on her own, how she wanted to give her to a nice family, but at least they'll be together), and then the next clip is John and Kristen bringing Belle to the church. There may be something missing, but I've never seen it in any of the edits, and if I saw it originally...well it was 16 years ago, and I was 9, so I don't recall, lol. It's not why she kidnapped her, though, and her original plan was most definitely not to raise Belle herself.

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