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Whoa, Brady! Dude needs to settle down a bit before beating the shit out of strange dudes. I like FT, and since I have never really watched Passions, I look forward to seeing the difference in chemistry between FT and LH. I really hate that the character's name is Ari. Kind of takes me out of the scene...I prefer Arianna.

And can Will look anymore androgenous? The big fluffy bowl hair and lack of interest in any of the girls, and his scrawniness compared to Chad...they really could toughen Will up a bit. I just can't stand any of this teen scene.

And I think we have the return of smoking hot EJ...it's the hair and the ever so slight scruff, and it just suits him...and suits me too. He even smiled at the end. Missed that too. I loved Stefano talking to EJ about how obsessions aren't healthy...seriously? He is the king of all obsessions with people! LOL!
It's kind of funny that EJ is worried that Nicole and Sydney will leave him, and Nicole is worried that Sydney and EJ will leave her. These poor tragic people!

I was hoping to see more of Dr. Dan and Lucas today, but no dice. It's been awhile since I was disappointed that I didn't get to see a story. Weird with Will coming to the hospital asking about Chloe. Didn't flow.
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