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Jul 31 2009, 07:29 AM
Jul 29 2009, 09:29 PM
It's not the actors that people are upset with... it's the parts on Days written for said actors.
exactly. i don't mind that they hired LH. i do mind that she is playing GG's sister and EM's love interest again, though. i'm sorry, but it's lazy, and it gives me little confidence that the people in charge of these things give a flying flip about anything but suckering in a few more viewers from a cancelled soap opera. had they scrapped the arianna character altogether and cast lindsay as someone else, i would be singing a different tune.
i guess another reason i am so upset is because when passions was first cancelled, i wanted lindsay brought on. i would have loved to see her interact with characters like philip or ej or even lucas. but now she's been cast as one of the most isolated women on the show. i really do not relish seeing her stuck in scenes with only her former passions castmates.
I would LOVE to see her in scenes with EJ, to be the next Dimera Queen. I think they'd be fabulous together.

They should def write her in working for the Dimeras somehow. She would play that amazingly.
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