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Jul 31 2009, 09:34 AM
does anyone know why nicole and stefano are so hell-bent on getting rafe out of sami's life? correct me if i'm wrong, but shouldn't they feel safer with sami in a relationship with another guy? i know he's ex-fbi and blah blah blah, but i would think the death of grace would put to bed any fears that sami might learn the truth about sydney. i'm hoping i missed some conversation between nicole and stefano in the recent past that explains it, because otherwise, nicole and stefano are off their rockers. having sami single and sniffing around ej is what i'd be worried about, not her dating rafe.
Actually, in a way this really has kind of worked, but the fact that it worked is exactly the reason why it makes no sense for Nicole to still be worried. What started this was that every time Nicole turned around Rafe was in her grille asking her why she was so upset about Grace dying and being very suspicious. Grace's death was the trigger for Rafe to start wondering if there was more to the story. Remember he also talked to Mia and Brady. Bringing Meredith to town was a diversionary tactic to get Rafe worried about his own secret. I don't think Nicole and Stefano are worried about Sami trying to figure things out--it's Rafe that had them scared. If he leaves town or breaks up with Sami because of his own secret past, they have no reason to think Sami will continue to try to figure out why Nicole was upset about Grace dying. Sami so far has shown no inclination to dig around and ask questions. And now Rafe is not paying any attention to Nicole, Mia or Brady either, so great, everything worked.

Nicole's insecurities about Sami always strike me as ridiculous and plot-driven, but then, that's my personal makeup. I hate insecurity and I would never be jealous of someone like Sami so it doesn't compute for me. I agree that there's enough there for us to wonder why Nicole hasn't expressed any concern about Sami being single, but I'm sure that when the plot requires it, it will come up.
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