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Jul 30 2009, 05:25 PM
^maybe they put it like that to show that Sami did something VERY similar to Nicole (kidnapped a child to raise herself), so when the truth comes out, Nicole won't look like the only bad guy. Or maybe Rafe will remind Sami that she did something like Nicole did once. There has to be a reason for the oversight.
I doubt it though. I am sure Sami will be totally hypocritical and call Nicole every name in the book and deny forgiveness...but it just struck me as odd that out of all of Sami's crimes, they pick that one from years ago - a baby kidnapper - which is similar to the current story.
My impression of the scene in addition to what I mentioned before was that there were things the audience didn't hear as indicated with the type of music played so maybe she did or didn't whitewash her crimes. However, you make an excellent point about Sami mentioning the incident similar to Nicole's crime. Also, the other characters brought up history too about how Sami was victimized by Kate.

The thing about the laundry list scene that struck me was how ackward and silly it was compared to when Sami was giving RoboJawn the rundown of Jarlena/Sami's life together in the past. I do believe Nicole is going to come out of the reveal relatively unscathed, so maybe they will soften Sami's reaction? For the reveal, I dont really care as long as it's unpredictable and there's some kickass acting to go along with some great drama.
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