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Louise took the time to chat with Soaps.com from her home in New York, Wednesday July 29 about her return to Daytime, her thoughts on her past in soaps and the future of soaps.

Soaps.com: "Are you going to be traveling back and forth to California for DAYS?"

Louise: "Well, I will be out in California for DAYS and traveling back to NY when I can (not as often as Iíd like, because itís my home and I love it). I just left California six months ago; itís insane! They always do this joke about ĎMake a reservation or plan a trip and youíll get a job.í So, I made more than a reservation, more than planned a trip, I left LA and look what happened!"

Soaps.com: "Your soon to be Co-Star Crystal Chappell (Carly Manning) traveled like that for Guiding Light until she and her family moved to NY."

Louise: "Yes, she did. Michael and Crystal have been good friends for a long time. They kept their home in LA, so they are still rooted there. It was my home too, but I gave it all up when I moved to NY. But, they didnít give up their home out there, so they are lucky. They have a place to go to. I donít even have a place to stay yet. I gave up my home! (Laughter)Ö

Soaps.com: "Wow, I really thank you for taking the time to speak with me today when you have so much going on!"

Louise: "Iím sorta paralyzed, so I Ďm doing nothing. When in doubt, stand still!"

Soaps.com: "How did this whole DAYS comeback happen?

Louise: "They called me! (Laughter)Ö I donít know whose idea it was or anything because I havenít been there in so long. People have changed, they have a new producer whom I know from years ago; heís done everything. Gary Tomlin, heís written, produced and directed."

Soaps.com: "Wasnít he on Santa Barbara with you?"

Louise: "I believe he was. I think he was writing then. You know, itís a whole world that I really didnít know anything about until I did Santa Barbara. Everybody knows everybody and they sort of move around from show to show. Thatís how I knew him originally is when he was a writer and of course, we both have Wheaton Terriers, and thatís the important thing! Iíve run into him a few times but never worked with him in this aspect before. But, I donít know whose idea it was to bring Vivian back on the show. It couldíve been the writers. I believe Dena Higley is on there and I think sheís written a script or two for me before in daytime."

Soaps.com: "Do you know if this is going to be a short or long term thing?"

Louise: "It is a contract role. It was going to be a really long one, but because Iím a New Yorker now, I couldnít speculate on a long term situation, so we opted for a year and we will see what happens. Itís just all so unexpected to say the least!"

Soaps.com: "Well I can assure you that the fans are excited about this news."

Louise: "Are they really?"

Soaps.com: "Oh yes. When we first heard that Carly was coming back, everyone thought Ďwell, you canít bring Carly back without bringing the woman that buried her alive!í Then reading the messages boards, many of them want Vivian to come back and put Kate in her place since sheís gotten a little out of control lately."

Louise: "Okay. We sort of had a lot of that earlier on with Kate and Vivian. You know the usual catfight. Then I stole her embryo and all that madness. So, itíll be fun! Itís always fun when your character gets to be a little mischievous on these shows. So, I will just be another annoying, mischievous person.

Soaps.com: "Do you have a start date as of yet?"

Louise: "No start date as of yet. I know it will be in September, which means a possible October air date."

Soaps.com: "DAYS probably has a lot of viewers now that donít know who Vivian is. How would you describe her to them?"

Louise: "Well, I donít know how they are going to write her this time around, but I would say that she has a wicked sense of humor. (Laughter)Ö She is certainly on her own track and sheís arrogant, well traveled, and has a peculiar sense of morality. Vivian is very brave and is probably someone that you would want to have on your side."

Soaps.com: "Remind us all how Vivian left Salem."

Louise: Oh, she left the way that I would like to leave the planet! With her butler, $40 million in cash and a limousine!"

Soaps.com: "And the door left wide open right?"

Louise: "Yes! Ivan and I had a really good time. A lot of funny stuff, and thatís how we left the show. In truth, Iíd rather have stayed on the showÖAnd, I didnít get the $40 million!"

Soaps.com: "Itís hard to imagine Vivian coming back without Ivan. Do you have any news or rumors of him returning as well?"

Louise: "Not a word. I have no idea. He does call me every once in a while from the various places he finds himself."

Soaps.com: "Has he called you since he found out about you returning to DAYS?"

Louise: "I donít know that he knows. I donít know if heís in touch with the business right now or not. Itís been a few months since I spoke with him. He might call, we will see.

Soaps.com: "What do you think motivated Vivian?"

Louise: "That was something that I always questioned. They did write some things that gave some back story of her being deeply hurt. That doesnít necessarily warrant the stealing of someoneís embryo or burying someone alive; you just canít even justify those things! You just do it and hope that someone finds it funny. But, there was a lot of hurt and there were scenes written a long time ago that I was so happy for. They showed you her soft side and her lonely side. She walked in on her husband and found him with another woman and all that stuff. You always have to have one of those characters thatís sort of unexpected and sort of over the top with how she lives her life. I think itís a fun character and I donít know that you can say that you could justify all of that, nor do you have to really.

Soaps.com: "Have you watched DAYS much since you left?"

Louise: "Not a lot since Iíve been doing some writing and other things. I havenít seen a lot, but Iíve certainly looked at it and noticed a lot of new people."

Soaps.com: "Thatís a lot of possibilities for Vivian to get at people that wonít see her coming!"

Louise: "Lets hope so!"

Soaps.com: "Tell us your hopes for Vivian this time around. Do you want her to be nice or evil?"

Louise: "It canít be any one thing. No one is just evil. I know the show has toned down a bit with James Reilly being gone. God knows he gave me wonderfully crazy things to do. But, I do hope that Vivian still has her humor and that sheís mischievous and annoying."

Soaps.com: "Do you have a favorite episode or dastardly deed that you did while playing Vivian?"

Louise: "Out of 8 year? (Laughter)Ö. Itís more like images that stand out and still make me laugh. Once they had us jumping out of a plane with parachutes, and when Ivan falls out of the plane, his parachute doesnít work. So, he grabs hold of my ankles and I start trying to fly with my arms (itís hard to explain, but itís visually funny), and then I land in a tree. Itís all this silly, crazy stuff. Then I was Mary with a Little Lamb and they brought in a real lamb. The lamb became scared and decided to let it all loose on the set. That was grilling for the producers! I was Mary, a huge hypothyroid Mary. Crazy things that they had me doing, but not one specific show. The box of French friesÖ I thought that would do me in! The costume designer was afraid to tell me. He said, ĎLouise, do you wanna know what youíre doing tomorrow?í I said, Ďprobably not!í He responded, ĎI donít think you do!í I read the script that night and found out that I was a box of French fries. They literally made a box of fries that would fit over me and I think Ivan was a hamburger or something. James Reilly I think that was. I look back on that and think what fun things to do! No one specific show, just lots of fragments of things."

Soaps.com: "What are you most looking forward to?"

Louise: "I have no information at this point. I really donít know what I will be doing, but am looking forward to it all. Itís going to be very interesting to find out how they are going to weave me inÖ. you know, since they wove me out! (Laughter)Ö.

Soaps.com: Who are you most looking forward to working with again?

Louise: Oh, they were all such a really nice group. I mostly worked with Ivan, John Aniston, Allison, Lauren, Bryan Datillo (heís so adorable) and Adrienne is very sweet too.

Soaps.com: "Daytime television has changed quite a bit over the past few years. What do you see for the future with Guiding Light being canceled and NBC only having one soap?

Louise: "I canít really comment because, I donít know. It looks a little unsettling because of reality shows and money is short. Networks are pulling in and lots of people (as Iím sure youíve heard) are being asked to take cuts and their cutting back in a lot of areas with the way theyíre shooting. Iím not knowledgeable enough to comment any further than that. I just hope people get to keep working!"

Soaps.com: Absolutely! Well, one thing about DAYS is that it probably has one of (if not the most) loyal fan bases out there."

Louise: "Yes they do, and they say what they think!"

Soaps.com: "They would probably get together and burn NBC down if they canceled DAYS. They are that loyal!"

Louise: "You know, I was told that way back when I first started on the show. I was doing Santa Barbara and then I went on DAYS 6 months later. Someone told me that you have never known a fan base until you get on Days of Our Lives. Of course, SB was a new show at the time and hadnít developed that yet, and they were right! Michael Logan told me, Ďwait until you find out what the fans are like on DAYS!í They are very loyal and they are fierce. I donít normally do this, but once I got the call, I went to some of the online sites. It was a little unnerving that one of them had already announced that I was back, but I wasnít at the time. Anyway, that doesnít matter now. I was online looking at some of the things they write. I thought, ĎOh My God, Iíd better not read this cause everyone is not going to like me or Vivian; they are rough! I read a couple of things and said ĎI canít do this.í You just canít read that stuff if itís negative!"

Soaps.com: "Whatís been keeping you busy most recently?"

Louise: Iíve been studying writing and working on Memoirs. Iíve done a lot of play reading in New York."

Soaps.com: "Are you going to continue your writing while on DAYS?"

Louise: "Oh yes. Iíve started it and I really love it! I like my writing and maybe one day will be able to get it out to the fans."
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