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Oh man! I know the whole damn story about the baby switch, but holy shit if I didn't want to bawl when AZ did her whole confession thing. She is an awesome actress. Great stuff.
Oh, and I love me some Bricole. The way he looked at Nicole for a brief second is 10 times as hot as how I see him looking at Arianna lately.

SC was looking all kinds of hot today, and hell yea with that punch to Lucas. And my BD just doesn't do fighting very well...all they should have him to is be charming and humorous. The fighting just reminds me of a bulldog on a leash yapping...but I am thrilled that he finally found out. Poor dude...his whole situation just sucks with the lies and Chloe. ANd I know she meant no harm, but Chloe really treated him like crap. I don't blame him because he really looks like a fool on all angles.

Its weird seeing Sami pursue a man so much. I have a feeling that once Rafe and Sami is this stable happy couple, we'll see Emily again. There are too many declarations of love for this couple, I mean, constant. Love scenes. You are the best thing to happen to me. I love you more than anything. You saved my life. Etc. Etc. And I think we even had a "you are a hero" today. Geez...lay it on a bit thick, why don't they.

This cryptic talk from Meredeth about Emily and Rafe is so damn old. First with Sami, then Rafe now Steffie. So Emily knew something about Rafe but Rafe didn't know she knew, there was tension before the wedding and they went for a drive and Rafe was driving too fast and got in an accident?
Emily was pretty...do we know who she is yet? Is she coming back?
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