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The person who edits and produces the promos responded to my questions on her Twitter. She claimed that the promos are made shorter now because the network no longer shows them much, if at all. Translation: the promo is basically shown online, which is why I guess they don't put as much in them anymore unless there is a big story and then they do and maybe with a big event or story the network shows it a bit more.

She also told me that they will be changing their promo direction soon. People praised the promo a few weeks ago that featured multiple stories so she made it sound like we will see more like that.

She was wrong about one thing though. I mentioned how promos for big events and returns should be like they were in the past where big events and returns were heavily promoted at least 3 weeks before they arrived. She claimed they always promote big events and returns at least two weeks out but the show really has not done that in the past few years with the exception of the start of Brady/Dimera feud story in 2007.

I'm interested in this story but it should show more and be more intense, even if it's just primarily for online viewers.
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