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Aug 1 2009, 05:03 AM
Aug 1 2009, 01:47 AM
The person who edits and produces the promos responded to my questions on her Twitter. She claimed that the promos are made shorter now because the network no longer shows them much, if at all. Translation: the promo is basically shown online, which is why I guess they don't put as much in them anymore unless there is a big story and then they do and maybe with a big event or story the network shows it a bit more.
The networks will show the promos even less now when they are short and crappy.
I think the decision to show then less happened well before the promos decreased in quality because she mentioned the decision to edit the promos shorter happened after they determined it was a waste to put alot into them due to them not being shown by the network. To me, it sounds like this is something that was decided on when Days got renewed by NBC. Maybe this even helps save money. Who knows.

Since the Brady/Dimera stuff ended in early 2008, I barely saw any promos on NBC and I do watch quite a bit of it's primetime programming. The only time for awhile that they seemed to air them was in late night and even that has stopped it seems.

She did hint at a change in direction with the promos and she implied that we may see more like the one a few weeks ago with several stories featured. She did not indicate that they would be longer but I wouldn't expect that anyway.

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