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Aug 1 2009, 08:11 AM
Rafe: "Emily, Emily please."

What a shitty way to end a Fridays show with.
Well, it wasn't really supposed to be a Friday show.

The show is still a day behind from the MJ funeral preemption. It usually takes at least a month for soaps to adjust to unexpected preemptions. Days was well ahead in taping so it may take longer, probably until around late August.

Bryan Dattilo sucked on Friday. Usually, he shines when his character is shattered and he learns that he has been fooled by those close to him. Maybe the good stuff will come from him when he learns what Kate did but his performances this week just sucked. I remember his performance when he learned of what Carrie and Austin did to him in 2006 and that was great. Maybe he got some poor direction and maybe they decided to play it more reserved because he had learned the truth before and lost his memory, which he has now recovered, but I didn't like it at all. I'm liking this story now with everything finally moving but that was a bad part for me. I thought SC was good though.

Loved Kate manipulating Will. I like seeing Will involved with his family in any capacity. Lauren has been fantastic this week.

Arianne Zucker ROCKED. She is going to have a hell of a time come Emmy reel time because she has so much she can use. I did catch the little tear on Nadia's face. Nicole's confession affected me too LOL and I already knew about all of it. What a touching scene with Nicole and Brady. I know they want to run with Brady and Arianna for awhile but I would rather Arianna, in the end, move on to someone else because Brady and Nicole just have it for me. The connection, chemistry...it's all there. It's not forced. Their stuff on Friday's show reminded me of how great they are together.

Also, Nadia is doing some of her best acting in a coma LOL. Work of her career! :laugh: .

Loved Sami and Rafe today but I usually do. I didn't mind the ending. Just glad the mystery is moving along now. I enjoyed the Stefano/Meredith scenes. Kimsey was a bit better opposite Joe Mascolo.
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