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Monday, August 3rd
Daniel tells Lucas that when Chloe wakes up, she will choose to be with Daniel; Stefano convinces Meredith that she must tell Sami all about how Rafe killed Emily; Kate thinks Victor wants her out of his house; Brady and Nicole bond over Chloe.

Tuesday, August 4th
One of Philip's men is shot in the line of duty and Philip is tormented by his death; Lucas thinks Daniel is delusional; Kate is questioned by Hope about her side of the story involving Chloe's sudden illness; Arianna completes a business deal with Troy.

Wednesday, August 5th
EJ replaces Grace's headstone with one that reads "DiMera"; Kate is shaken by her fantasy of kissing Daniel; Lucas visits Chloe, damning her for what she's done; Stephanie gets Philip to open up about the death of his employee.

Thursday, August 6th
Mia admits to Will that she's not a virgin; Sami and Rafe confront EJ while Nicole tries to mediate; Meredith leaves a letter for Sami; Melanie convinces Nathan to give her another chance; Chad and Kinsey reset their plan to break up Will and Mia.

Friday, August 7th
EJ demands an explanation for Nicole's odd behavior since Grace's death; Abe and Lexie receive good news about Theo; Daniel's bail hearing occurs; Rafe gives Will advice about Mia; Sami reads the letter regarding Emily's death.
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