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Aug 3 2009, 09:04 AM
I like the idea of Rafe covering for his sister and getting in an accident b/c he's arguing with Emily. I want EJ to find out something and fights to get Sami back. I hate waiting for the reveal. I agree, let's give EJ something to actually get angry about. I'm sick of the scenes where he senses something, Nicole gives a bunch of BS, turns it on him, he concedes, they make up, blah, blah, blah. Ej needs to find out and cuss Nicole out to high heaven. James Scott did such an incredible job when Sami told him Grace was his. Give him another opportunity with Nicole's miscarriage and the rage for the baby switch. It would be nice if the rage was also against Stephano, but considering how slow this is going, I am waaaaaay ahead of myself. Pick up the pace already.
I'm not even excited about the reveal anymore. They've worked overtime to redeem Nicole, which I hate, because it's clear that they want to make her "good" and sweep all the effects of her lies and deception over everyone that she's hurt under the rug. It's become clear to me that they are making NICOLE the victim, which disgusts me. As far as EJ is concerned, I can't be excited about his reaction either. He'll be mad at Nicole and Stephano's deception, but at the same time he'll be overjoyed that he has his real daughter. I think that Nicole will just get a "how could you lie to me", he'll throw a glass, and then that's it. Done. Nothing to get excited about anymore - it's become totally predictable. Just like the Rafe storyline. And I find this obsession of Sami's over Emily's death ridiculous. I would understand if Sami actually thought she was living in danger with Rafe, but she doesn't. He's still her hero, so what's the big deal? The woman is dead, hardly competition. Why can't she just let things be? Everyone has things they may choose not to talk about and may want to leave in their past.
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