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Aug 3 2009, 11:01 AM
sami has some nerve today, going off on chloe for cheating on lucas. i mean seriously, not even two years ago, sami tells lucas that ej raped her, he shoots him to avenge sami, and the thanks he gets for all this is that he comes home from jail to find sami sleeping with the guy she claimed raped her. so fuck you, sami. the last thing i want to hear about is how awful chloe was for cheating on lucas. compared to the things sami has done to him, chloe is a frigging saint.

ok, whew. <end rant>

ETA: i'm surprised victor didn't call kate out when she used philip to get back into his good graces. hello...chloe was philip's first love. if he finds out what kate did to chloe and daniel, he's not going to be mad at victor for turning kate in.

daniel was pretty good today. lucas is the one i really haven't been impressed with. it doesn't help that he's such an idiot when it comes to what his mother is capable of. i am glad that brady and nicole seem to be suspicious of kate as well.
luv - sometimes you just rock the words!

No shit about Sami! It's just like Sami to be so ready to condemn everyone else for what they did without having the facts knowing that she is a total selfish bitch herself who many times broke Lucas's heart. Sami is the total worst at throwing stones!

And no kidding! Lucas should use his brain and recall when Kate didn't want him to eat ANYTHING in Maggie's kitchen. So should Chris Matthews. It is difficult to watch Lucas be so damn stupid.

And again, just to put it out there...I don't know why I find SC so damn hot lately! Maybe it is the prison shirt with jeans. don't know. :)
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