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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 3 2009, 01:06 PM
Aug 3 2009, 12:02 PM
I'm not even excited about the reveal anymore. They've worked overtime to redeem Nicole, which I hate, because it's clear that they want to make her "good" and sweep all the effects of her lies and deception over everyone that she's hurt under the rug. It's become clear to me that they are making NICOLE the victim, which disgusts me.
how is that any different than what's been done with sami? everyone in town said that they would have hid ej's baby from him, too, and not ONE person, not even her own father, wondered why in the hell sami slept with ej in the first place. talk about sweeping someone's lies and deceptions under a rug.

i will admit that they are working very hard to redeem nicole, which is much more preferable to me than ignoring scenes from a year ago to make a character look good. you talk about them ignoring what nicole did, but that isn't true. they're just actually showing her feeling guilty over it, unlike sami. TPTB never even tried to make sami feel guilty for what she did to ej, they just made everyone in town justify her bad behavior, thinking that the audience would accept that. obviously some have, but i like to see a little bit more work put into a redemption than just ignoring the facts of the situation.
Excellent post! I completely agree...it would be nice to see Sami feeling at least some guilt for keeping her pregnancy from EJ. And to tell him...like she did...after Grace had died? Not exactly an endearing moment for her. Having everyone else in town agreeing that she did the right thing is completely ridiculous - especially considering that during the time that Sami slept with EJ the entire town was acting like he was a great guy. I remember Marlena defending him to Lucas; Roman slapping him on the back and keeping a friendly arm around him after they came out of the stairwell, etc. Sami's parents seemed to have no issues with EJ back then - but in order to try to explain away Sami's actions now suddenly he's scum of the earth again.

It's not just EJami or Nicole this crap happens with, though. The constant change in gears and complete inconsistency really kills my enjoyment of the show.
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