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Aug 3 2009, 11:01 AM
ETA: i'm surprised victor didn't call kate out when she used philip to get back into his good graces. hello...chloe was philip's first love. if he finds out what kate did to chloe and daniel, he's not going to be mad at victor for turning kate in.
I think its because of Victor's overriding need to protect Phillip - finding out what Kate did will devastate him either way (Although when we find out Vivian is really Philip's mother, both Philip and Victor will throw Kate under the bus hehe - I kid, its just wishful thinking on my behalf :p )

I actually enjoyed today's episode alot. I have been on hiatus from this show since mid-June, so perhaps I'm not overexposed to the stories like everyone else. I didn't even FF the Sami scenes - very impressive for me!

I loved Kate and Victor's scenes. Nicole & Stefano were good too. Daniel was good too, Lucas a bit annoying - but at least he is acting in character i.e. clueless.

It was heavily shadowed today that the reason Kate has done all this is because she was scorned by Daniel. My first thoughts were this is OTT and stupid. Then i thought about it more and remembered Kate tried to have Victor offed when he left her for Nicole (regardless that she left him for Vincent Moroni). I guess her response can be considered muted this time as she hasnt planned another coronation masacre lol. I'm ok with the motivation for it. I'm just not sure where Kate goes from here onwards. I hope she stays on the show to battle Vivian!
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