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I only watched a very small portion of the show, but I have an issue...what is with the bra shots? I'm not a prude by any means, but whatever happened to the lingerie the women used to wear? A few weeks ago we had Chelsea just sitting around in bed in her bra, and today it was Sami. Both distracting for very opposite reasons. It looks tacky! I don't care that it's realistic. I don't want to see you lounging in your bra!

That being said, once she put on a shirt, I thought AS looked pretty today.

Allie...that kid does not want to be there. I don't blame her.

OH! And Rafe and Sami need to stop doing couch scenes (or scenes altogether would be good). Everytime they sit on that couch, they just sit and stare ahead. There's just no life in their eyes when they sit on that couch.
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