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Aug 3 2009, 07:58 PM
Aug 3 2009, 07:15 PM
I have to disagree with the idea of Sami thinking EJ is the greatest father ever. At one point she did, until he went back under his fathers wing, that is the sticking point. EJ had done a lot to get back in the Brady good graces, especially helping John. Then EJ got with Nicole and does a 180.

I just do not see why Sami should be guilty, she was hiding her daughter from a man who was a murderer, a kidnapper, a gangster, and the loving loyal son of a man who has terrorized Sami's family for decades, besides being married to a woman who was her sworn enemy. What should Sami be guilty about? She was protecting Grace from a lifestyle that was embraced by EJ, and I do not believe that in time she would not have gone after custody of Johnny.

If EJ sees all of this and decides his life is not one that he wants his children to live, then good for him, but I do not think his life is going to be with Sami. That ship has sailed.
The key issue is Sami made the decision to hide her pregnancy BEFORE EJ did any of these things. At the point Sami found out she was pregnant EJ had only banged Nicole once (drunkenly in an elevator, while calling out Sami's name) and was not working for his father nor had he been involved in any of the nefarious deeds you've listed. All that he had done to get back in the Brady's good graces was not undone - and he even went to Sami at the cabin AFTER learning that Nicole was pregnant and made it clear that Sami was still his first choice. He referred to his situation with Nicole as a 'disaster'. Yet Sami still chose to keep quiet about her pregnancy.

That is what she should feel guilty about. Had she been honest from the beginning, sooooo many things might have been different.

I don't think the EJami ship has sailed. Hell, it really hasn't even left the port yet. :lol:
She didn't want Stefano to know about the baby, and EJ was letting Stefano take Johnny for walks in the cemetary. Stefano couldn't treat a baby he didn't know about as an heir (which is the difference in that baby and Johnny). She didn't start off hiding the baby from EJ. But if she had told him, Stefano would have found out and that's what she was trying to keep from happening. How he felt about Nicole wasn't the only variable. He wouldn't stand up against Stefano.
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