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Aug 4 2009, 09:39 AM
Aug 3 2009, 11:53 PM
Aug 3 2009, 07:58 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep I just do not see why Sami should be guilty, she was hiding her daughter from a man who was a murderer, a kidnapper, a gangster, and the loving loyal son of a man who has terrorized Sami's family for decades, besides being married to a woman who was her sworn enemy. What should Sami be guilty about? She was protecting Grace from a lifestyle that was embraced by EJ, and I do not believe that in time she would not have gone after custody of Johnny.
She didn't want Stefano to know about the baby, and EJ was letting Stefano take Johnny for walks in the cemetary. Stefano couldn't treat a baby he didn't know about as an heir (which is the difference in that baby and Johnny). She didn't start off hiding the baby from EJ. But if she had told him, Stefano would have found out and that's what she was trying to keep from happening. How he felt about Nicole wasn't the only variable. He wouldn't stand up against Stefano.
I'm sure we all see the way things unfolded through our own perspective - but the fact is Stefano didn't take Johnny for the walk through the cemetary until AFTER Sami had already refused to tell EJ about her pregnancy when he came to see her in the hospital. She lied from the moment she found out. I believe what happened at the hospital during the lock down had nothing to do with what Sami was feeling - but I do recall that she was furious with EJ for not backing her up and fighting to prevent Lucas from having visitation rights with Ali. She was jealous of Nicole and EJ's relationship with her - but EJ could not have been any more clear with her all along that she was his first choice. Remember their fight at the hospital?
EJ: "Do you really think I would be having dinner with anybody else if you weren't so fickle and infuriating?"

But either way...Sami had countless opportunities to tell EJ the truth. And she repeatedly spoke of what a great father he was and was dreaming about him - both at the cabin with Lucas and later in the safe house. The whole protecting the baby from Stefano would have a lot more legs were it not for the fact that Johnny lives in the same house and Sami has praised EJ for the great job he's done with Johnny in her absense. The two things simply just don't jive. It's lousy writing - and it makes Sami hard to root for, IMO.
I don't like sticking up for Sami. It's not something I make a habit of. But do all pregnant women tell the father at the absolute first chance? I know they don't. Especially when they're not in a relationship. It takes some thought sometimes. So not telling him at the hospital, not a big deal at all. Several times she was going to tell him, and she was stopped by two things: Nicole and Stefano. She got over the Nicole thing, though. It was Stefano and the mayor's death that kept her from actually telling.

To me, the difference in Johnny and Sydney/Grace is that Stefano already knew about Johnny. Sami thought that if Stefano didn't know about this baby, he wouldn't want it. There was nothing she could do about Johnny. I think that lousy of her, but she's never been particulary good at parenting more than one child at a time. I can also see her point, though if it were me I wouldn't have left. The thing is, it wasn't about EJ. It was about Sydney/Grace. I don't for one second believe EJ would have been able to protect her from Stefano the way Sami wanted. I don't even think he would have tried. His head is too far up Stefano's butt.
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