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Aug 4 2009, 12:15 AM
Aug 3 2009, 02:18 PM
Aug 2 2009, 09:11 PM
I do remember that Sami asked EJ at the funeral home if he wanted a say in the arrangements for Grace and that would include the burial and headstone. He said no and then told her you killed her, you bury her. Then, to go and change the headstone on his own is not right. If he wanted it to say Dimera, then he should have said so in the beginning. I hope it at least says Grace Raphaella Brady Dimera. He has no right to take away her middle, God-given baptismal name. I am sure this move on his part will bring Sami closer to him-- NOT!
I think he was a bit distraught at that time after just finding out he had a child he never knew about and that the child had just passed away.

AND, that the mother of said child, whom had always said he was a great father, kept the knowledge of said child, from him. Never even giving him one moment of time with her while she was still alive.

Give him a break already. I don't know anyone who WOULD be in their right mind after finding out such a thing. Sami, who along with Ralph, who in my opinion wins the asshole of the year award, should have at the very least, put HIS name on the headstone. But that would require her to be something more than a selfish ass, which she is not.
I don't know Sami would put DiMera on it. It wasn't Grace's last name. That last name represented everything Sami was keeping her from. Even if Sami had told EJ about the baby, she wouldn't have had to give the baby that last name. The headstone isn't about Sami or EJ, though. It's about Grace. Changing it makes it about EJ. Changing her name postmortem makes her name about something other than Grace.
Exactly! Changing Grace's name on her headstone makes it about EJ and not Grace, just like EJ made finding out about Grace, as well her funeral, all about him and not the loss of Grace as it should have been.

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