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Aug 3 2009, 07:06 PM
I only watched a very small portion of the show, but I have an issue...what is with the bra shots? I'm not a prude by any means, but whatever happened to the lingerie the women used to wear? A few weeks ago we had Chelsea just sitting around in bed in her bra, and today it was Sami. Both distracting for very opposite reasons. It looks tacky! I don't care that it's realistic. I don't want to see you lounging in your bra!

That being said, once she put on a shirt, I thought AS looked pretty today.

Allie...that kid does not want to be there. I don't blame her.

OH! And Rafe and Sami need to stop doing couch scenes (or scenes altogether would be good). Everytime they sit on that couch, they just sit and stare ahead. There's just no life in their eyes when they sit on that couch.
Great post! And thank you for bringing up the bra thing...I was seriously thinking I must be the only one who feels that way. Sitting around in bed wearing lingerie...I get that. Wearing a bra? Not so much. I don't know about anyone else...but that's not the way I tend to snuggle... Just sayin'.

Amen on poor little Allie. Those twins are adorable and look so much like Alison Sweeney that it's almost scary...but as far as enjoying what they are doing? Yeah...not seeing it.

Rafe and Sami sitting and staring ahead. Rafe and Sami sitting and talking. Rafe and Sami doing the mattress mambo. It's all pretty much the same to me... ZZzzzzzzzzzzzz

But I do have to say...I've never found BD to be all that attractive but DAYUUUUM! He sure does clean up well. He looks great in that suit with the dark purple shirt.
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