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It was great to see Lucas finally getting a clue! Of course, how many times has he caught Kate in one of her schemes, they have a big blow up, he vows to never speak to her again, and before you know it everything is forgiven and forgotten and they are back to their usual dysfunctional relationship. It's past time Lucas recognizes the fact that Mommy is a manipulative bitch who will never let her children live their own lives. I'm so tired of the Kate character!

Nadia is turning in the best performance of her career. She's wonderful as a coma victim. I must admit I'm surprised she's in a standard hospital gown, though. I figured by now they would have her in some slinky low cut nightgown. You know, why hide the assets? I realize those are horrible, catty remarks, but I'm tired of the storyline. Let's move on...cure her or kill her. If I actually cared about Chloe and Daniel or the Chloe/Lucas marriage, maybe I'd feel differently, but I don't care and think the whole triangle has been a mess. Although, can you even call it a triangle when Lucas has been left on the outside of the story, with no real involvement besides being stupid and clueless?

Are we supposed to believe Arianna is a drug dealer? And her brother is an evil bride-killer? Seriously?

I still love Melanie. LOL at her using her powers for good! She's such a breath of fresh air, and I even hate Stephanie less when they are in scenes together. I'm confused by the Philip scenes. He's good/he's bad/he's conflicted/he wants to change/he doesn't want to change. Writers, make up your mind about who Philip Kiriakis is supposed to be!
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