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Much prefers sweevil, snarky EJ over Father Figure Fucktard Eejiot.

Aug 4 2009, 11:06 PM
Aug 4 2009, 07:45 PM
Aug 4 2009, 07:27 PM

Quoting limited to 3 levels deep
EJ is nothing like Stephano, and Ejami nothing like Stephano and Marlena. EJ is not evil, he is a gray character. He is just as bad as Phillip, Kate, Victor, Sami, Nicole, and even Lucas.

I know that many love to compare Ejami with Stephano and Marlena, but as far as I know, they didn't have a huge fanbase that kept supporting them for years even though they shared hardly any romantic scenes, they have no children together, and I certainly don't remember Marlena making passionate love to Stephano, dreaming about him, or being drawn to him in any way shape or form.

Sami said EJ was the biggest mistake of her life because even to this day she's angry about Nicole. She even said to Rafe "EJ is with Nicole and now I'm with you". Sami is not over EJ by far, just as EJ is not over Sami.

As for Rafe, he's not treating Sami any better than Lucas ever did. His way or the highway seems to be the main theme of their relationship. It's a nice summer filler, but hopefuly it will be over soon, because there are many, many of us that can't wait. It may be the REAL DEAL on paper, but on screen it translates as quite the oposite.
Sami and Rafe split will be short I'm sure. They will have to write Sami as mentally ill to return to a relationship with EJ after all that crazy shouting and screaming and wishing continual suffering on her that he has done and he's smashing up Grace's gravestone in tomorrow's eppy. :omg:

Sami asked him if he wanted any say in the funeral arrangements and he said no, so he should never be disturbing the grave now. :shame: Isn't that a criminal offence? Sami and EJ don't need any 'intelopers' as some like to call Rafe and Nicole - they are doing quite well staying apart without any outside interference. Sami has some choice words to say about EJ on Thurs because of what he does to Grace's grave. :shithitfan:
Ahhh...but it's just a matter of time. And the flick of a pen. Once the truth about Sydney comes out all bets are off. I'm personally very glad that they've gotten Sami's lie and the fall out over with first so they can begin healing and work through their anger and grief before they find out about Sydney. If it had worked the other way around I would be concerned about the future for EJami...as it is now, all I see is a EJami story. :)
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