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Shelley looked GORGEOUS today with the curly hair. I like Stephanie working at the hospital. It's nice to see her happy and showing personality. She needed this. The character needs some development time and has had far too much drama.

Loving Melanie. I loved her line about using her powers for good.

Jay Johnson was great today. One of his best acting days in eons. Loved his scenes with Bo and opposite Catherine Wadkins' character. I like that they brought her on, even for a short term role. I LOVED the final Philip/Stephanie scene with Philip about to break down and looking at Stephanie. The connection was on display and it was such a classic Days couple moment.

Bryan Dattilo finally brought it today. He had been disappointing me but today he shined and so did Lauren Koslow. Great scenes. Too bad Bryan went right back to sucking after the Kate stuff was over. I did like the end scene with Kate and Daniel. Such a classic soap scene.

Hope was in bitch mode today and I loved it. Glad Bo and Hope are on to Kate and it's been nice having Hope share scenes opposite Kate. I've always wanted tension with Hope and Kate due to all she did to get Bo and Billie together so I will take this LOL.

Nice to see Brady doing something other then counseling someone. I do see why Terrell was axed though. She was lifeless today. She overdid it on looking suspicious and did nothing to make the scenes with Brady work.

All in all, a fantastic episode.
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