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I must confess I really like Daniel lately. Itīs amazing how much his character grew and really found the right personality which works for him and SC. I love how he plays Daniel as this arrogant, moraly ambiguous, "I live my life my way and if you donīt like it, scr*w you" kind of guy. He is not bad, but nobody is trying to whitewash him into a hero either. I think itīs refreshing and I like they are using all his past and relationship history to build the conflict. Lucas made some great points about him and Chelsea and Kate. And I like how Daniel is not appologizing but rather is brutally honest with him. So many times soaps have leading characters who act questionable but the show pretends everything is ok because they want people to root for the character. With Daniel, everything is a fair game.
All things people complained about were brought up, from his "groping" pacients, his sexually predatory ways and going from granddaugter to grandmother to engaged woman. Victor even told Kate she was simply too old for Daniel and he traded her up for Chloe "younger and more voluptuous model." (I love this quote of his)

I think it makes him a really interesting soap character.
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