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This week's SOD features interviews with Ken Corday and Lindsay Hartley regarding the recast of "Arianna" on Days.

The article begins with a quote from Corday explaining the reason for the recast. Corday says, "You cast sometimes with all great intentions and hopes, and none of us are perfect, or sometimes there are other alternatives which appear later which are more efficient and in this case, all of the above applied." Corday continues that "Felisha did her very best work", but "we turned around and realized, 'There's a chance to cast upwards here.'"

Corday says the decision was at his suggestion, and things were settled 24 hours after the decision was made.

Hartley says she had a "quick, lovely meeting" with Gary Tomlin, and two days later she was on the show. Hartley says "the circumstances aren't the best in the world", because while it's a "wonderful feeling for the person coming in", she knows it must be a "horrible feeling" for the person being replaced. She says she met Felisha, who seems like a "lovely person", "and Eric [Martsolf] says nothing but fabulous things about her."

Hartley says the timing is perfect for her, as her daughter starts kindergarten this fall, and Hartley's husband works in Vancouver. She'd been wondering what she was going to do to fill the empty time she'd have on her hands.

Regarding Hartley's working with her former Passions castmates, SOD says Hartley is "thrilled". She says she told Tomlin that she'd just had dinner with Eric and his family, and Tomlin said to her, 'The kicker is you're playing Galen's sister.'" Hartley says that she was able to work with both Galen and Eric her first day on the set, which "makes things a lot easier and a lot more relaxed." She concludes by saying, "I am just so happy and honored and very excited. I can't express it enough."

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