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This week's SOD features interviews with Louise Sorel and Ken Corday regarding Sorel's upcoming return to Days.

Sorel says, "Everything old is new again!", and she continues that her return is "very sudden and unexpected." SOD says Sorel got a call from Gary Tomlin, who told her that Carly was returning and that maybe Vivian would return as well. Sorel says, "I always loved that character. I wasn't a happy camper leaving in the first place, so it's nice to come back."

SOD continues that Sorel has just relocated to New York, so now she'll be commuting to LA. Sorel says this is "ironic" because she's given up her place in LA.

Sorel is looking forward to working with her former castmates. She says, "[Days] becomes such a familiar place and comfort... when that stopped on the show, it was a shocker. You're stopped in your tracks and there's no home to go to, in a way. And that takes a lot of readjusting for anyone, so it will be nice to go back on those tracks."

Sorel says she has kept in touch with Crystal Chappell and Michael Sabatino over the years. She says she called Chappell when she "found out that she was going back to Days and that I might be too".

Corday says he is "thrilled" to have Sorel back, and that "she will have a helluva entrance and a big mystery and will be part of the story with the characters she worked with before, especially Victor and Carly."

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