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^I don't think it'd a swipe at the casting director. More efficient seems to imply that Terrell was holding back production, which is understandable. Days is sometimes filming two episodes a day. The filming schedule is alot faster then it used to be and they don't really allow time for too many takes. There is alot of dialogue to be learned and Terrell didn't really have much acting experience, if any. She was a former model and I think that kind of exposes the problem. It wasn't obvious early on because Arianna was not on much but since late May she's been featured more and more so not only could they see the chemistry was not there but they probably realized she couldn't cut it and made the decision to recast.

I just think Corday could've said it all so much better but the fact that he said it all the way he did almost makes me think he and the actress did not get along. Again, merely speculation but Corday, while an asshole, doesn't just go off on newcomers like that. Hell, he hardly speaks on the subject of newcomers to the show. I know Corday seems out of the mix at Days but I'm sure he still comes to the studio and I just can see signs that he and Terrell had a falling out in this interview. He just seemed on a mission to get rid of her and, while there seems to be production reasons to do that, his comments suggest it had a bit more to it then that IMO.

I feel bad for Lindsey though because she is in an awkward position but I'm happy to have her because she will add spark to the role. After seeing Terrell try to place the scenes during yesterday's episode, I probably would've recasted. She was just so lifeless. She's been ok so far but lately she's just showed how limited she is while getting more material so I think Days made the right move.
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